Domleaf’s Kashmir Saffron

Saffron is widely used in Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine for treating Liver and Spleen enlargement. Saffron increases beauty , reduces skin disorders and sexual dysfunctions.
Saffron is also used as an aroma enhancer for Indian and European cuisines..

Domleaf’s Pistachios

The Pistachios are treated both as a food and as an entertainment. The breaking of the Pistachio shell and tasting it is a pleasure for both the kids and the elders .Domleaf’s Pistachios are salted and roasted under expert supervision to ensure quality and taste reach its customers.

Domleaf’s Cardamom

Cardamom price depends upon its size. Thickness above 8mm of the current crop without any patches is considered as the best quality. Moisture content also need to be maintained since higher percentage of moisture increases the weight and can affect the quality.of cardamom.

Buy Cardamom from us

We procure Indian cardamom from the auction conducted by the Spices Board of India.The auctions are held everyday except on sundays in Puttady(Kerala) and Bodinaikankudi(Tamil Nadu).We can deal with your bulk purchase at a very competitive price.