Domleaf’s Premium Tea is a CTC type blend tea which has three main speciality
Taste &

The premium tea is selected from tea gardens at an altitude above 6000 ft above sea level which ensures rich taste and aroma.


Almonds are rich in anti-oxidants and makes our brain more active. It has anti-ageing nutrients and minerals and is a solution for almost all skin problems. Regular intake of 5-6 almonds daily after soaking it in water the night before will reduce blood clots and prevent heart attacks.
Domleafs almonds are procured from the state of Jammu and Kashmir, processed and packed in an ultra hygienic environment.

Domleaf’s Cashew Nut

Domleaf’s cashew nuts are vacuum based to prevent microbes culture under the presence of oxygen. The cashews are crispy and are processed and packed under hygienic condition.

Story of Cashewnut

The cashew board of India categorizes cashew nuts on the basis of their weight.The different
varieties are W180, W210, W240, W320, W450, and W500 for whole cashews(That is Cashews which are whole and not broken). W180 implies that there are 180 pieces of cashew nuts in 454 grams(standard weight).
Domleafs cashew nut is of W210 quality which implies there are 210 pieces of cashew nuts in 454 gram.